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We offer a practical way to eliminate your credit card processing fees, regardless of the volume you process

​Just $20.00 a month - that's all

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Merchants, you pay an ever increasing fee for every credit card transaction you process. We offer a practical way to eliminate these fees . By enrolling in our "DUAL PRICING" program, you can enjoy maximum profits and unlimited processing for only $20.00 a month! It’s as easy as that.

Here is how it works: If your customer decides to pay by credit card, the credit card terminal automatically charges the customer 3.50%.

($50.00 sale = $1.75) - ("DUAL PRICINGS" program is approved by Master card and Visa)

Your customer has the choice, PAY CASH or Check, if they don't agree with the small charge.

If your concerned, you may loose loyal customers, Don't be, merchants that have switched to "DUAL PRICING" have not lost business.

You keep your own bank (It is common belief that business owners have to use their own bank for processing) The truth is, banks do not

process- they use 3rd parties and often times you don't even know your sales agent.

A study of all merchants that have changed to "DUAL PRICING" have experienced no loss of customers or at most - 2%- Any loss of customers can be negated by utilizing your additional profits to increasing advertising, or promoting social media that will increase traffic!

There is an increasing amount of merchants making the change to "DUAL PRICING"  - "MERCHANT SERVICES PROS is the leader and has the lowest pricing to the merchant"

If your looking for ways to substantially increase your profits - please take the time to discuss our "DUAL PRICING" program and it's benefits.


If you decide to try "DUAL PRICING" and for some reason you decide not to continue, there is "no contract"  We can set you up with traditional credit card processing at a lower price than you had prior to changing to "DUAL PRICING"   "Win- Win"


 Our office is located in Lewes, Delaware.   cell - 410-459-1146

Our Mission

To reduce the cost of merchant credit card fees or end all credit card fees. Increase profits! Business solutions and Superior service.

Advise in all merchant processing and individual need assessment.

 Our belief is businesses are built on quality relationships and delivering on commitments.

"Businesses change" - so does credit card processing!

About Us

We provide free audits to insure that you have the best interchange pricing, no hidden fees and no "non compliance fees"

We Provide transaction services to a variety of businesses with solutions ranging from: Virtual Terminal ,Recurring payments, Full Point of Sale Systems, Mobile Terminals, On Line Processing, Quickbooks Integration and much more.

Restaurants, Salons, B2B, Construction, most any type business.


Every time you accept a credit card, you pay multiple fees to use that card: Interchange fees, Processing fees, and miscellaneous fees depending on the processor. The interchange fees are set by issuing banks—and most of the time, we can’t change them. However, we can do something about processing fees!

A lot of companies choose to “pad” their processing fees. Not us. We pride ourselves on offering low processing fees—so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best service and lowest rates around.



Next Day Funding

Free Terminal Program

Unlimited Support

Multiple Pricing and Processing Solutions

Gift/Loyalty Cards



Has cash flow timing ever stopped your business from taking advantage of an opportunity? We understand that businesses need to build inventory, hire seasonal employees, expand their business, or spend money on marketing. Through a Merchant Cash Advance, we can give you $30,000 – $50,000 in a number of days when you switch to PCBancard for your credit card processing.

Additionally, we know that sometimes you need more capital than a Merchant Cash Advance can offer. You can apply through PCBancard for a Traditional Business Loan and receive up to 90% of your monthly revenue—with a fixed predictable payment made monthly directly from your bank account.

Meet the Owner

Fred Brandt, Senior Business Consultant

 Merchant Services Pros is a direct result of Fred Brandt’s experience with credit card transactions in his own business. He observed that the statements of credit card companies were difficult to understand and found many fees that should not be charged. He also was aware that many merchants were not familiar with the credit card statements and were paying fees that were not necessary. These experiences encouraged him to start consulting with business owners to lower or eliminated processing fees to increase profits.  (Free Audit of your monthly statement)

 Fred has been affiliated with PcBancard and Card Champ in 2019. As

PcBancard and Card Champ are full service merchant service companies ISO  INC. 5000 companies, and leaders in the merchant service industry with excellent customer service.

As a Veteran and small business owner I want to help others achieve their business goals. Fred belongs to the local American Legion, Sussex Cyclists and Cape Business Network


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