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We provide free audits to ensure that you have the best interchange pricing, no hidden fees and no “Noncompliance fees”.

We provide transaction services to a variety of businesses with solutions ranging from Virtual Terminals, Recurring Payments, Full Point of Sale Systems, Mobile Terminals, On Line Processing, QuickBooks Integration and much more.


Earn a Profit without the process

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Say goodbye to credit card processing fees by joining the dual pricing program. Turn to us if your business

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If you are concerned that your customer may dislike this Cash Advantage idea, don’t be concerned.


Has cash flow ever stopped your business from taking advantage of an opportunity? We understand


Provide discussion information and we will contact you promptly.

Clients Review


This service saves my business money! Our customers are eager to take advantage of the \"cash discount\". Set up was simple, and staff was helpful and quick to assist with any questions. I highly recommend Merchant Services Pros!

Rose S. Dog Grooming Services

I switched to cash discount. In 5 months I have increased my profit over $3000. I highly recommend the cash discount program with merchant services pros. One customer complained, said he wouldn’t come back but he just paid cash, no more complaints. Easy set up with Merchant Services Pros. Very pleased with service and any issues I called about.

William L., Lee’s Auto Repair

This is the best thing we have done for this small business. Credit card fees would have cost this business more than we could afford to pay. Thanks to Fred Brandt and his team we are credit card fee free. This has not hurt our business in any way and would highly recommend more business out there to consider this program. Fred is always available to assist with any questions, problems or set ups.

T.R.Cooney, All About Hair

I opted to use the cash discount credit card program in my place of business. Honestly, it has worked out great. I have had no complaints from customers as I thought I may. Actually, my customers that do comment are in agreement with my actions. I think all merchants should consider this program as a way to keep their prices down. Hope this helps in considering your choice."

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