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Say goodbye to credit card processing fees by joining the dual pricing program . Turn to us if your business is still paying to accept credit fees or if you are sick and tired of paying higher fees, so your customers can get higher rewards. For only $64.95 a month, you can enjoy unlimited processing and maximum profits!

How It Works

Credit card transaction cost is increasing due to “Rewards Cards and points earned”. Your customer can take advantage of your best sales price by paying in “cash”. If your customer decides to pay by credit card, they are charged 3.99% for the transaction when the credit card is processed. (3.99% for $50.00 purchase is only $1.99)

If you are concerned that your customer may dislike this Dual Pricing idea, don’t be concerned. Our merchants that have this “Dual Pricing” program have not experienced any customer discord.

Still not convinced? Give it a try for 30 days without obligation. We don’t charge early termination fees, too.

Our Guarantee

If you accept business, commercial or corporate credit cards, you can improve your profits by 1000 on processing fees by using Level 2-3 processing.
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